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"The most wonderful piano music of our time"

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Dino  -  America's greatest piano showman,  is back in Branson, with his brand new show.

The show features Dino, and his wife Cheryl, who take you on an international musical journey, telling the audience about their humble beginnings, their trips around the world, and the adventures that Dino's talent as a master pianist have opened up to them. 

"The Entertainer" brings the Glitz and Glamour of a Las Vegas show that is wrapped up in old Branson charm.  Dino brings  the sparkles, the diamonds and the extravaganza, but you also get a genuine, wonderful, joyous occasion when Dino's music brings tears to your eyes, and love in your heart.  

Dino is the undisputed number one piano showman in America today.  His shows sell out all over the States, and indeed, the world. Dino has taken his music round the globe, and back again. His concerts in Branson have been legendary, and the whole of Branson is excited that he is  back, to appear live on stage in his new show that will thrill audiences, young and old.  

Dino will play some wonderful music including; 

The Warsaw Concerto * Rhapsody in Blue  * The Entertainer * Hallelujah Chorus * New York New York * and so many more. 

Dino's wife Cheryl will perform joyous songs to the audience, in a style and charm that has won her legions of fans nationwide.   

This is a five star show, that  the International Post  describe as "Spellbinding"


Tuesdays at 2pm, Wednesdays at 8pm, Fridays at 2pm and Saturdays at 8pm

*Schedule subject to change